Dying Light 2’s 2023 Roadmap Revealed, Contains DLC & Updates

Dying Light 2 is nearly at its first anniversary, and Techland is celebrating by revealing what 2023 has in store for the open-world zombie game. The team not only dropped a big update for it, but also revealed its roadmap for the year, which includes multiple pieces of DLC and a few free updates.

The roadmap begins in February with two events and three costume bundles. The Bloody Anniversary (which combines the Bloody Summer and Rampage events) event is running from January 31 to February 9, while the Drop Kick Weekend (which makes drop kicks incredibly powerful) will go from February 9 to February 13. There skin bundles call back to the first game and include Brecken, Crane, and Rais. Those who participate in the Bloody Anniversary event will get the Rais bundle for free, and those who participate in the Drop Kick Weekend event will get the Brecken bundle for free. The two will be $2.99 otherwise. The Crane bundle is for those who have both Dying Light games and have a Techland GG account.

The latest update is also part of this month’s roadmap, and it adds a variety of features. It has improved ragdoll physics and A.I. reactions, cross-generation co-op for PlayStation and Xbox users, dynamic competitions from the first game, and Legend Levels, which add endgame progression to the game that let players boost certain passive stats. It’s worth noting that cross-generation co-op means that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can play together, for example, but they can’t play with Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S users and vice versa. There are many more features (like being to kick more violently and escape grabs more easily) in the full patch notes. Steam Deck support was listed as a feature coming in February, but seemingly wasn’t in this update.

March is bringing more upgrades to the combat and brutality systems. Techland has already upped the gore a few times since launch, even implementing an X-ray system after big hits. Gear transmog and special Techland quests are also coming that month, as well.

And while March’s update is supposed to improve combat, Techland is aiming for June’s patch to improve the flow of parkour. Night experience and roaming volatiles will also be tweaked.

The roadmap ends vaguely, but it is where Dying Light 2‘s next expansion is. This unnamed DLC is slated for late 2023 and brings a new location and weapon types. While the studio is still being vague, the team shared some concept art, which seems swampier than other environments in the game. Techland might be cautious to put a date on this DLC since Bloody Ties, its first expansion, was delayed a few times.

How Techland Is Planning the Next 5 Years of Dying Light 2

Dying Light originally released in 2015 to an average score of 74 and a number one spot on the January…

Techland not only released a brief anniversary video, but also held a whole stream going over the game’s history and future. The team is planning for a long future, too, as it wants to support Dying Light 2 for five years.

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