Paul Rudd Shares His Ant-Man 4 Plot Idea With Much Lower Stakes

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has some huge stakes, as it serves as the introduction to Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If a fourth film is ever to be made, though, star Paul Rudd has an idea for a much lower-stakes adventure.

During an interview with Yahoo UK, Rudd was asked if they had any plans for ideas for a fourth movie. Rudd said that he didn’t even know if people were talking about another one, and said he wouldn’t even be sure where to go with it due to how big the third film is. However, he did joke that perhaps it’s time for Scott Lang to catch a break and take some well-deserved rest.

“[When] I think about it, it’s like this regular guy who has no innate super ability whatsoever has now gone head-to-head with Thanos and Kang,” said Rudd. “I just feel like, cut the guy a break. Just let him sit on a beach somewhere. How much abuse can he take? How much punishment?”

Rudd went on to explain that in the end, Lang is just someone who wants to spend time with his daughter. With that in mind, his pitch for Ant-Man 4 would simply be Scott and Cassie getting to hang out together, likening it to the British television sitcom series The Trip, which starred Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon traveling northern England and trying new restaurants.

“I do think this is a guy who really just wants to spend some time with his daughter,” Rudd said. “That would be nice. Maybe a nice quiet road movie. Just Scott and Cassie taking in a coastal city and just spending time [together]. Maybe like The Trip with [Steve] Coogan and just those where there’s no threat. There’s nothing wanting to kill them. I don’t know if Marvel would want to make that movie but it would be fun to shoot.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is now out in theaters.

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