See the photos that won National Geographic’s ‘Pictures of the Year’ contest

National Geographic announced the winning photographs from its first “Pictures of the Year” photo competition.

The contest, which opened to U.S. residents in early December, invited readers to submit a digital photograph in one of four categories: nature, people, places and animals.

The contest required that photographs be largely unaltered. According to the rules, “only minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is minor cropping.” Photos with other changes are “unacceptable and … ineligible for a prize.”

Grand prize — Alaska




The island of South Georgia

North Carolina, U.S.

Washington, U.S.


About the ‘Pictures of the Year’ contest

The contest is Nat Geo’s latest effort to highlight photography from contributors.

It launched alongside the magazine’s annual “Pictures of the Year” issue, which features the best 49 photos taken by Nat Geo photographers, chosen from more than 2 million submissions.

The goal of the “Picture of the Year” contest is to provide aspiring photographers the “same spotlight,” according to Nat Geo.

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