Traveling teachers work with families who travel the world — here’s what it pays

Lucy Alexandra Spencer spent 16 weeks abroad last year in Oman, France, Switzerland and Portugal.

Unlike with most people, traveling is how she earns — rather than spends — money.

The trips are paid for by Spencer’s employers — they’re wealthy Europeans and Americans who hire her to travel with their families for weeks and, occasionally, months at a time.

Spencer is a former primary school teacher with experience teaching students with learning difficulties. She embarked on her first traveling teaching role seven years ago.

Since then, she’s spent about two years abroad, including an eight-month trip to Europe, the United States and the Middle East, she said.

The cost to hire a teacher like U.K.-based Spencer is comparable with private school fees for multiple children — about £8,000 ($10,050) a month to work with three children. Families also pay the cost of her flights, accommodations and meals. 

Lucy Spencer, near the Italian island of Capri.

Source: Lucy Spencer

Rates can rise to £10,000 if families require teachers with specialist skills, such as playing a musical instrument or foreign language instruction.

However, teaching assistants, who help with a basic curriculum, can be hired for around £2,500 a month.

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